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Past & Present Clients

Industrial Installations

The practice has specific experience in the design & installation of industrial installations including Motor Control Centre design.

Hotels & Retail

We have experience in most Electrical Service aspects relating to hotels & resorts, including Voice & Data systems and Hotel Management systems.


Escalators & Lifts

We have specific experience in lifts and escalators regarding glass lift installations etc.

Petroleum Industry

The practice has undertaken extensive research to facilitate the incorporation of normal and hazardous environments.

Company Profile

McAvinchey Consulting Engineers (Pty) Ltd has a strong technical and practical background and offers a major contribution in project management, sub-contract administration and effective cost control since our inception in 2002.

Specific expertise is offered in Electrical Industrial Engineering, Instrumentation, Special Lighting Systems, Specialized Power Supplies, Security Systems, Fire Defense, Electronic Control Systems, Energy Effective Design as well as Photovoltaic and Solar design and site management experience. The company has worked successfully in all major centres on large projects. 

Our Projects

The practice offers one of the most effective bills of quantities which have been developed over the past 10 years. All projects are designed up front and measured in detail to minimize the provisional sums and therefore obtain an accurate cost at tender stage.